Pentens T-200 Pro Fiber

  • High elongation.
  • Can resist to ponding water.
  • Water based, enviroment friendly.
  • Air and UV protection.
  • Easy-cleaning and weather resistant.
  • Chemical resistant and waterproof.
  • User friendly, suitable use on any surface.
  • Adheres well over aged, galvanized and metal roofs, wood, asphalt or aluminium coatings, polystyrene foam insulation, polyester plastic panels, pre-cast flat concrete and barrel cement tiles and many roofing materials.
  • Prevention of ravages of acid rain, freeze thaw, cycles, sunlight, bacteria and fungus.
  • Non-toxic.

  • Pentens T-200H is based on a newly developed Water based Polyurethane and Acrylic Polymers.
  • It is dramatically reduces solar heat absorption in either air-conditioned or non-air conditioned buildings.
  • It takes the majority of the heat load off a building’s skin and reduces temperatures to approximately that of outside shade.
  • Pentens T-200H  is a one-part elastomeric cross linking latex copolymer emulsion designed as exposed waterproofing coating.

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