AJ Waterprofing

AJ Waterproof

-        A solvents Base-waterproofing liquid that is clear and colorless


-        totally transparent and penetrable when applied on surface 

-        will not change color or texture of the surface

-        provides UV and FUNGUS resistance furthermore SELF-CLEANING. 

-        prevent external/ wall fungus

-        prevent natural stones fungus/ marble watermarks

-        surfaces treated can be painted over

Can be applied on

-        washroom floor/ concrete slab leaks


1.        Surface Preparation

-        Surface should be cleaned thoroughly and be free of dirt, dust, oil and other contamination

2.        Application Instruction

-        Apply by brush, roller or spry generously in flood manner onto all areas carefully, 2-4 coats per application. 

-        Allow for 24 hours before using. 

-        (DO NOT DILUTE) 

-        Coverage rate will vary depend on texture and porosity of the surface. 

-        Actual coverage rate should be determined during test application.

3.        Waterproof in back of Marble or Granite

-        AJ WATERPROOF must be applied onto the back and sides of the material and left to cure for 24 hours before installation. 

-        AJ WATERPROOF ensures that no water passes through areas that have been sealed thus eliminating watermarks on surface of the marble or granite installation.

4.        Invisible Surface Sealer

-        AJ WATERPROOF is a deep penetrating and consolidation treatment for bricks walls and most natural stones.


-        Treated surface still can ''breathe'', after apply AJ WATERPROOF.

*note: not effective against high water pressure.

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